Professional Pensions "The view from both sides of the table"

An article in the Professional Pensions supplement "The Guide to Consultants" entitled "the view from both sides of the table" asks how trustees can get the most from their consultants.

Prof Pensions article

How to make the most of your investment consultant

pdf-icon-03042011An article published in PMI News on regular review of investment consultants.  The article includes a case study by Eon Pension Scheme.  To read the article click here.

Europe's Pension Consultants: How competent are consultants?

An article published in Investment & Pensions Europe on the competence of investment competence.  To read the article click here

Investment consultant monitoring: a step shift in scheme governance

An article, published in Public Sector Review, that sets out how to monitor your investment consultant.

See article  pdf-icon-03042011

Investment consultant selection a key element in enhanced scheme governance

An article by Roger Brown for Public Service Review that looks at some of the high level issues in investment consultant selection.


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