CMA order: Are trustees equipped to assess investment consultants?

Assessing your investment adviser has always been challenging! The CMA Orders demanding greater transparency of performance, fees and strategic investment objectives changes all that.  Creation of a Balanced Scorecard to measure success and help judge value for money puts DB trustees in control. After all what gets measured, gets done!

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Setting Strategic Investment Objectives for your adviser (by 10th December 2019)

You must set strategic objectives for your investment adviser before 10th December this year.  If this is not done before 10th December 2019 then you will not be able to continue to receive investment advice from your investment adviser.  This applies to both Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) arrangements and also applies to advice received as part of a fiduciary management or delegated investment mandates.

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Site visits: Get to know a fiduciary manager before you tie the knot

This article was published in Pensions Expert, by Angus Peters | October 2, 2019

Selecting a fiduciary manager is just like marriage: you want to take time to select the right partner. Trust comes from knowing people well and seeing them often. Much like selecting a partner for life, you want to know the whole family (firm), not just the edited bits online (the beauty parade that many rely on in selection).

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Remember, remember the 10th of December!

The CMA Orders require trustee boards of pension schemes to set clear strategic objectives by 10th December 2019. If this is not done the trustees cannot take advice from their investment adviser. Trustees need to act now – time is running out!

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Press Release: IC Select hires pension industry veteran, John Paterson.

IC Select, the fiduciary management specialists, have appointed pension veteran John Paterson as director following rapid growth in demand for its services. John, who joins from JLT Group a leading investment and actuarial consultancy, brings over 30 years’ experience of actuarial work, investment strategy and interaction with trustee boards. His technical and investment experience adds to the 100 years of investment and pension fund experience possessed by IC Select’s team.   The hire follows a surge in demand for independent advice following the Competition and Markets Authority Review (CMA Review) into investment consultants and fiduciary managers.

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